That's certainly possible. Of course, you must first achieve your HCP 54 and further develop as a golfer. We assume that a golfer with HCP 36 can start training. However, it is important to bring that HCP to 16 during the training. But that usually works very well with our Work On Your Own Game (WOYOG) program.

Why not? If you meet the registration requirements for HCP, you can start without any problems. Of course, you have to make the time yourself.

That depends entirely on your own ambitions. The WGTF diploma is a recognized diploma, so you can in principle work anywhere. And the more hours you work, the more you earn.

That's no problem, the course is largely taught in modules and you can always take re-exams. So time is not a factor, you can do it at your own pace in consultation with the WGTF.

Learning to play golf usually takes longer than 5 months, but if you meet our handicap requirements you can certainly become a Certified Golf Teaching Pro in 5 months.

There isn't really an average age. Some coaches are in their early 20s, others are in their late 50s. It basically doesn't matter. We train everyone in the same philosophy. We want our coaches to become grappling coaches who get people excited about golf and keep them there. And that can be part time or full time.

In general, the WGTF admission requirements are somewhat lower compared to other courses and the training costs are also relatively affordable. But this is a conscious choice, we would like to make the profession of golf teacher accessible to a larger target group.


In principle, no specific preparation is required. It is useful if you carefully review the program with our trainers in advance so that you are not faced with any surprises. It is also easy if your own playing is in order, but that can also be picked up during the course.