'I'm going to grab this opportunity with both hands'

Ron Groot has finally been a golf teacher since July 1! The 53-year-old tennis coach and great golf enthusiast recently passed his Certified Golf Teacher diploma from the WGTF Netherlands. Because they could use a good golf teacher in Hank, the conversations didn't last long!

Ron Groot's story is a typical example of how the WGTF of the Netherlands wants to work. Ron only later became a golf teacher after earning his living as a tennis coach for many years.

But as an enthusiastic golfer, he thought it would be fun to do something besides tennis. He soon discovered that the WGTF offered excellent training. No sooner said than done and after recently obtaining his diploma, he is now completely ready for the next step in his career. He heard through WGTF director Björn Beekman that they still needed a golf teacher at Golf Course Hank in the Brabant Kurenpolder.

Ron Groot: 'The conversations actually went well straight away, they were looking for an extra golf teacher and I really wanted to start, what more could you want?' They are also satisfied at the Kurenpolder. Golf school manager Ingrid Martens immediately clicked with Ron: 'We knew after just one conversation that Ron was the right man in the right place. His passion for golf, coaching experience and pleasant personality were more than enough reasons for us to appoint him. We think he fits in well with our members and can also learn a lot himself.

The WGTF Netherlands naturally wishes both parties much success in the future.