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Jaap Golf teacher

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Sex M



Zipcode and city

2582 JX The Hague


Zoetermeer, The Netherlands

Type of golf teacher

Master Golf Teaching Professional

Physical disability


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De Star, De Dutch, Bernardus



Who am I in everyday life?

I am 53 years old and have been living with Yvonne in Zaandam for 30 years. We have 2 sons (21 and 19). Through HAVO, VWO, a propaedeutic year in law and military service, I eventually completed my history studies, after which I ended up in IT. I currently work as a process designer at Albert Heijn.

What kind of personality do I have?

I have an open, honest and calm personality and don't want to take myself and life too seriously. I like to make a joke. Yet I am serious, persistent and stubborn in pursuing a high level of quality. I want to create as many moments of happiness as possible and golf plays an important role in this for me. Enjoying the environment, each other's company and the game together with friends is the ultimate way to spend time for me.

What do I offer?

By using the facilities that I have created in-house, I can offer my customers a wide variety of options. Customers can take lessons, but also train specifically for themselves or virtually play the most fantastic courses in the world. I focus on individual customers and groups of up to 4 people. A big advantage is that you can also play in the evenings, especially during the winter months.

What should clients know about my teaching style?

Fun, accessibility and results are the starting points of my lessons. Achieving the customer's goals with a smile gives me the satisfaction I am looking for. With me, the novice golfer in particular can learn all the principles of the sport in a quiet, secluded environment in order to join the golf world with confidence and a lot of fun. The advanced player can improve his game in a targeted manner, because he has all available parameters (distances, swing speed, ball speed, swing direction, spin, etc.) at his disposal. Using the data, the game can be thoroughly analyzed and subsequently improved. Not everything has to be used functionally. There is plenty of opportunity to have fun. Want to play in the 'Masters', or 'The Open'? Determine with friends who has the Longest Drive or the Nearest to the pin? Everything is possible!